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I’ve spent most of my working life as a journalist and was pleased and surprised to win an award for my travel writing. Before that I tried all sorts of jobs including furniture removals, photography, teaching and running a magazine group.
15 July, 2019

Danny on tour

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A huge 'thank you' from me and Danny to Emma at @damppebbles and everyone who made last week's blogtour a runaway success. My six Danny Lancaster crime thrillers featured over six days with 11 incisive, no-nonsense reviews. Thanks, too, for the many 'likes' and RTs. Emma's brilliant reviewers highlighted aspects of Danny I'm always aiming [...]

6 June, 2019

Dakota Day

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Watching the iconic Dakota transport aircraft airborne for D-Day75 reminded me vividly of the day I had the privilege and pleasure of flying in one. Our battlefield press travel trip to Normandy ended at Caen-Carpiquet Airport. A modern terminal stood near a concrete bunker, relic of when the airfield was held by the 10th SS [...]

3 August, 2017


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You never know what doors will open when you write a book. After publication of GUNNER, based on my father’s war diary, I was contacted by Geoff Maple whose dad served in the same regiment. After swapping info by email we finally met up last week on the rain-swept terraces of Dover Castle in Kent. [...]

13 June, 2017


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I was wounded by an arrow on Sunday. Well, that’s a slight writerly exaggeration. I was squatting in an odd position trying to photograph a spray of vicious-looking arrows on the grass when I wrenched both knees, one of them pre-battered by old judo and running injuries. Still, it was pretty much worth the pain [...]

10 May, 2017


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Brain food:Epoisses Beta bear: Danny I should never be allowed out to shop unsupervised. My last solo outing went off piste in classic style. Drawn by the gravitational pull of Waitrose cheese counter I picked a promising goat, some Duchy brie and a saggy and mega-stinky Burgundian Epoisses. This was placed [...]

16 March, 2017


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The demand for everything from cosy mysteries to horrible, grisly murder is why the crime fiction wave just keeps rolling. And so does the annual calendar of crime writing festivals where readers get to meet their favourite writers and forensically examine many aspects of a deadly genre that shows no sign of dying. Here’s my [...]

6 March, 2017


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I’ve been slacking. Too often the siren lure of the TV remote has won out over the creative keyboard. In my defence, M’lud, it has been mainly due to circumstances beyond my control but that is no excuse. Writers write. But the approaching spring has inspired new targets. Top of the list is my sixth [...]

25 May, 2016


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Madly jealous at being unable to attend the hugely-successful Crimefest in Bristol I have revisited my recent reads and thought I’d share a few that have pool, beach and departure lounge potential.   WILLOW WALK by SJI Holliday: The funfair’s come to Bankstoun but the most thrilling ride is Holliday’s emotional rollercoaster through the claustrophobic [...]

9 May, 2016


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The trail of clues makes it clear that increasing numbers of eager crime and thriller fans and writers are drawn to the expanding number of UK fiction events. Here is an extended version of my latest crime festival round-up that appeared in Natasha Harding’s @sunbookscolumn. Details were correct at the time of writing. Be sure [...]

27 November, 2015


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People are always asking about Danny. His past has its shady parts but no one’s perfect. That said, Danny’s got nothing to hide, well not too much, so now there’s a brief biography on the website: “Danny Lancaster was born in May, 1985, in the back of a Ford Sierra in Edmonton, North London, on [...]