Monday April13: Received videos of grandson enjoying Easter egg hunt. Good to see but it makes his physical absence more acute.

… Haven’t seen the Walking Man for a week. Don’t know his name or where he lives. Hope he’s ok.

Another 717 hospital deaths, new total 11,329. Non-hospital deaths not included.

Scramble for eggs… grandson’s Easter hunt

Tuesday April14: Another glorious day in plague town. Long walk. Quiet apart from boy racers and mobyzombies. No queue at Sainsbury’s. Entered as aggitated manager approached security guy complaining there were too many people in store. Went to Tesco. Short queue but inside it’s impossible to distance, bumping into shoppers in narrow aisles and blind corners. 

… Home for book and beer on forecourt. A brace of parakeets chattered overhead. Hospital deaths up 778 to 12,107.

Wednesday April15: Busy morning, emails, paperwork, interview prep, changing bedding, domestic activities. Walked. Dived into rabbit warren food store, only source of eggs.

… At 7pm I joined my UK Crime Book Club author chat on Facebook. A few minutes to get into my stride but then I was typing solidly for an hour. Many interesting questions made me pause for thought. At the end I was blocked by FB for multiple posts. Finished questions after session.

… On a high after a productive day, stayed up late and demolished too much Grouse. Big mistake. Hospital deathtoll up 761 today to 12,868

Thursday April16: Up early, greatly enfeebled. Short walk, quick shop. Read on forecourt. Saw parakeet. Lockdown extended at least another 3 weeks. It was expected. Another 861 hospital deaths, total now 13,729

Friday April17: Read papers, doom and gloom – minimal immunity after getting virus, distancing possible for a year or forever, 6 waves of virus possible, NHS bureaucracy causing delays by insisting on controlling everything, failing to use private labs, testing lags massively compared to Germany and Far East. And it’s raining.

… I’ve worked from home for years so easily adapted to lockdown. Food supply improving but you have to work at it. I’m happy to get out for a walk, less keen on confined spaces. Missing daily pub visit, something to aim for when work is done. Gin or a Long Man Best Bitter on forecourt is lovely but not the same.

… Uploaded first 5 Dannys for UKCBC digital bookfest freebie, May 1-3 – #UKCBCfest20

Hospital deaths up 847 to 14,576. 

Saturday April18: Sleepless night, up early. Street silent under a light overcast. It rained overnight but no predicted thunder. Coffeeed, read papers, watched films. Had v tasty eggs-sausages-shrooms. Hospital losses rose 888 to 15,464