Danny Lancaster: Wounded ex-soldier. Afghanistan veteran. Widower. Father of two young kids. A weakness for women. Honest, most of the time. He still has the nightmares as he struggles to make a living as a private investigator. His rates are cheap and he’s a sucker for a sob story. Danny will not let the bad guys win.

Danny Lancaster was born in May, 1985, in the back of a Ford Sierra in Edmonton, North London, on the way to the hospital where his mother worked as a cleaner.

It was a neighbour’s car and the driver fretted about his upholstery as he wove through the rush hour traffic. Danny’s father, a long-distance lorry driver, was away up north at the time.

After a run of juvenile court appearances for minor offences, Danny left school at 16 but soon dropped out of a job as an apprentice electrician and drifted. The distractions were too great.

He never had much trouble attracting girls. Six foot tall, dark hair, liquid brown eyes, laughter lines and sense of humour, Danny didn’t take anything too seriously.

That changed when his 17-year-old girlfriend fell pregnant. Despite the speed of the register office wedding at Kathy’s dad’s insistence, it was a love match. Hayley’s birth was followed 18 months later by the arrival of Wayne.

Determined to provide an income and a home for his new family, Danny joined the Army and qualified as a paratrooper.

He loved the life and the physical challenges and was elated when he was posted to Afghanistan. The harsh existence and a chance to use the skills he had trained so hard to hone made it probably the best time of his life. Danny loved it.

Three weeks before the end of his tour his left leg was smashed by a burst of gunfire in a close-quarters fight. He wouldn’t have survived if his mates hadn’t pulled him clear under fire.

The bone was so badly splintered his leg had to be amputated below the knee. The transformation was brutal. From athlete to cripple in a few seconds. Danny faced months of darkness and despair. He still has his black days.

But surrender is not in his nature. He battled back, training, running, keeping the lid screwed down tight on the memories and the nightmares.

He found it hard to settle down, surviving on odd jobs, labouring, selling used cars, a spell as a deckchair attendant and, finally, burglary which ended with a short spell in prison.

And as Danny struggled to sort himself out Kathy, who didn’t want to make a fuss, was struck down with cancer. He tended her to the end but not long after she died his widowed mother had a stroke and he moved to Brighton to supervise her care.

That’s when he met Emma the carer who fell in love with Danny but couldn’t make the final break with her petty crook husband Benny.

Danny, short of money and ever the optimist, decided to try his luck as a private investigator, hoping that a nosey nature, tenacity, common sense, fitness and a talent to duck and dive would make up for his lack of experience.

So now it’s Danny Lancaster, investigator for hire, no job too small, friendly service, flexible rates, as he searches for the adrenalin highs of his Army days.


The Wreck of The Margherita Book Cover

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Where is the missing cargo?

When the cargo ship Margherita sheds her load in a Channel storm, Danny Lancaster and his mates go beachcombing. But among the mangled containers they find more than they bargained for. The fuse is lit for a bonfire night confrontation. That’s when the real storm breaks.

“A good dose of gritty realism and strong dialogue”

“A dark, sexy and intelligent novel”

Death Squad Book Cover

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Who’s murdering members of a 70s dinosaur rock band?

Camilla D’Allessi’s “simple” surveillance job leads Danny to a gruesome discovery at the farmhouse of music legend Mickey “Tattoo” Carpenter. Suddenly Danny is wanted for murder. But nothing will stop him hunting the two murderous maniacs for a high-octane showdown of mud and fire.

“Great stuff with lots of bodice-ripping by bullet and basic instinct”

“Action aplenty. Great stuff, packed with thrills and spills”

Rough Diamond Book Cover

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What is the secret of Kaapse Kobra?

Marion Carter wants to find her husband. Jessie Shafto is looking for her lost love. For Danny Lancaster, it’s two easy missing person jobs. But it’s never that simple. Two people who know the secret of a plane crash in Namibia have travelled halfway across the world for the Demon’s Eye.

“A helter-skelter story of human emotion and family loyalty”

“Plenty of sex, violence and humour”

Rock Hard Book Cover

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How far do you go to help the man who saved your life?

When Danny Lancaster gets a call from an old Army friend it looks like a chance for a sunshine reunion. But Pogo is broke, sick and in serious trouble with smuggler in Gibraltar. Unseen eyes are watching. Lives are in danger. The two friends are way out of their depth.

“I could not put this down. Gripping, thrilling, entertaining”

“Genuinely so much better than a lot of better known authors”

Gargoyle Pixie Dog Book Cover

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How do you trace someone who lives off the grid?

When young homeless street artist Cat goes missing her rough sleeper friend Hooper asks private investigator Danny Lancaster to find her. The only clues are a faded chalk drawing on a pavement and a lost dog. Then an early morning walker finds a girl’s body on the beach. PLUS six crime short stories.

“If you like gripping crime thrillers this will be right up your street”

“An enjoyable read with twists and turns that surprise”

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Danny Lancaster has been missing since the fishing boat exploded.

Police are closing their inquiry but Wanda Lovejoy continues her campaign to find the truth. An evil man kept alive by machines nurses a corrosive hate. As drugs and disease pull his dying mind apart he throws his crime empire into a scorched earth quest to find one man. If Danny Lancaster isn’t dead he soon will be.

“A taut thriller with some nasty people”

“Brilliant read, fast paced and much heart in mouth”

Bill Todd - Author


I’ve spent most of my working life as a journalist and was pleased and surprised to win an award for my travel writing. Before that I tried all sorts of jobs including furniture removals, photography, teaching and running a magazine group.

Travel writing is not all cocktails under the palm trees but it’s a fantastic job that has taken me to more than 40 countries, from the pure white wastes of Arctic Finland to the ancient deserts of Namibia.

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