Sunday April19: Another brilliant day. Long walk. Felt better although knee tender. Fair number of people walking, enjoying sunshine  (but only as an unavoidable byproduct of walking). Facemasks increasingly common as debate on their usefulness rages. 

… Saw the Walking Man. Glad as I haven’t seen him for a week+.

Monday April20: Woke before alarm but couldn’t summon enthusiasm to rise, dozed & mused till gone midday. Weather has been glorious. I’m bumping along ok with lockdown but a bit more colour seems to leach out of each day as the weeks pass.

… Looked for Lyrid meteors. Saw a couple of bats. 

Tuesday April21: Another glorious day. Hoped for long walk, settled for medium one. Tesco had 4 chunky Kitkat for £1. Eating a lot of crisis choccy. 

… Saw Walking Man sat on a wall, weary and breathless. Asked how he was. He tapped his chest, said he didn’t think he’d see out the virus. Not much you can say to that. I told him to knock if he needed anything. Wished him well, walked on.

… Life imitating art. Reading a crime novel in bed, I was interrupted by pounding on a neighbour’s door  ‘POLICE! We know you’re in there! Open up or we’re breaking in!’ 

Latest tally, 823 more hospital dead, total now 17,337.

Wednesday April22: Woken early by delivery of ballast for neighbour’s extension. Another glorious empty day. Decided to visit bank which closes at 2pm under virus hours. 

… On the way out I interrogated Nosey Neighbour about police siege, not that he needed much of the hard cop routine. Three young women live in the house. It seems they order a takeaway, then turn out the lights and pretend they’re not in. Delivery guy leaves meal and goes off without his wedge. This was the third time so he called the Old Bill. Four cops threatened to force entry but couldn’t as there was no name on the delivery. They knew occupants were in because they moved about by the lights of their mobiles. Not exactly The Sweeney but it broke lockdown monotony briefly. 

… Caught bus to bank. Entry by middle doors to give driver space. Travel is free. Just one other passenger. We glanced at each other, judging distance. Tried not to touch anything. 

… Hit Waitrose cheese counter hard – stilton, comte, Tunworth and brie. Realised I’d bought too much. Managed to walk halfway back, then caught bus. At home, collapsed in armchair with large plate of bread and cheeses.

… Went out to watch newly-launched ribbon of Elon Musk SpaceX satellites pass over. Saw nothing. Bed early.

Thursday April23: Cracked through a solid morning of work. Afternoon brekkie of scrammies-smoked salmon-asparagus. Wanted long walk but heat into 70s so settled for a trot into village for post office which closes at 4pm.

… Back home, reshot me reading some passages from GODLEFE’S  CUCKOO for UKCBC digital crime book festival on Facebook, May 1-3. They felt pretty good but I’m not great reading aloud, traumatised at school. It’s harder while trying to keep occasional eye contact with the camera. Can’t do anything about the droney voice although large gins help.

… Long chat with neighbours about lockdown life. We’ve spoken more in the last few weeks than the previous decade. Made mutual offers of shopping.

Hospital deaths up 616 to 18,738


Keep washing those hands, stay safe!