Friday April10: Up early, hot and sunny. Mooched through morning. Milk had gone off. Chatted to neighbour’s husband on forecourt. Think he’s getting a bit stir crazy as he’s not usually very talkative beyond the standard pleasantries. 

… Out mid afternoon, followed the back roads to parish church. Churches are closed but the churchyard was locked too. Spotted a dead crow by a grave. Omen? The park was mainly empty but lots of runners puffing lots of air. 

… Walked to village, dodging mobyzombies. No Coop queue so I dipped in speedily, grabbed a few bits while trying to hold my breath. Deathtoll: up 980 to 8,958

Saturday April11: Full cloud cover burned off quickly. What looked like a ragged column of refugees passing by with lumpy bags, backpacks and trolleys were shoppers from Sainsbury’s. 

… I’m eating and drinking less and walking more which seems to be having beneficial

Cheese…homage to fromage

effects. Only trouble is my clothes are trying to fall off.

… Domestic food supplies not bad but we cannot get home deliveries which are swamped by the sick and needy. It’s a case of ‘grab it when you see it’. Some police forces threaten to monitor shopping for ‘essentials’. Cannot imagine where they find the manpower as a copper is a rare sight. And what IS essential shopping? Is cheese essential? Bread, milk, eggs are basics. Alcohol outlets are still open to keep the nation afloat. But what is life without a good cheddar, a little brie or cambozola, Montagnolo Affine, Comté, Tunworth, Sussex Blue. For enthusiasts, cheese is as much of a morale booster as drink. It’s healthy, in moderation, for body and probably mind. I have to travel to reach a good cheese counter so I might have to risk the cuffs snapping on if I’m busted for frivolous outings.

… We’re trying not to waste anything so some food is not of the finest quality. Had stale milk on muesli this week and squishy shrooms with today’s brekkie. Trivial issues in the greater scheme.

… Daughter Skyped for a long chat. Grandson bopping to the disco lights.

Fatalities: up 917 including an 11-year-old to 9,875.

Sunday April11: Mooched most of the day. Didn’t feel like walking but did and felt

Park pix…grandson’s wildlife photography

better for it. Lovely day, bright and warm.

… Read book on forecourt with beer. Neighbour’s dad turned up to collect his Sunday roast. We had a well-placed triangular chat with him on the pavement, me on my

forecourt and the neighbours on theirs. It’s noticeable how keen people are to talk now.

… Had lively, chatty Skype with grandson who was in high spirits after a trip to the park where he’d tried photographing birds. Dined on Waitrose kleftiko lubed with 2 botts of Malbec. Bed late. Getting a bit weary of lockdown. Listened to music.