Tuesday April07: Glorious spring sky greeted World Health Day, PM in hospital on oxygen. Coronavirus now has a face and its Boris Johnson’s.

… Walked, quite busy, speeding cars, phone-fixated zombies. Back home, daughter Skyped. Grandson feeding small change to toy dog that nods for money. Yesterday he

Wide open spaces…out for a walk

took a framed photo of me down from a shelf and walked around the room kissing it and repeating ‘Baba, Baba.’ New deaths: Up 786 to 6,159

Wednesday April08: Poured bottles into bin to test my recycling compression system. Worked brilliantly, squashing contents 20-25%.

… Boris still in intensive care. Wuhan, birthplace of Covid-19, lifted lockdown after 11 weeks. If it’s the same here we only have 8 weeks to go.

… Walked. Needed bits’n’bobs but not enough to risk clustershopping. Hoped to pass a strolling asparagus seller. No joy. 

… Back home, chatted to neighbour when another came out, playing some ‘official’ warning on her phone – no ambulances for suffocating people so they die at home. Mortuaries full. Huge increase in deaths of healthy children. Neighbour1, visibly upset, she’s the mother of two young girls, retreated inside. The message didn’t sound right to me but I have the advantage of being a cynical old hack. In these times people are justly frightened and that makes them vulnerable. Deathtoll: 7,097, up 938

Thursday April09: Disaster! My recycling compaction scheme worked beautifully. Then the binmen due Monday rocked up at 7am, waking me with the sound of smashing glass.

Fake news… evil WhatsApp deathtoll hoax

… Telegraph reports a WhatsApp hoax, word for word what neighbour had broadcast – fake news. Impossible to understand the evil sadists who create this vicious crap but it couldn’t succeed if not for morons spreading it without a single critical thought. I wonder where these people get their news. Newspapers are suffering as ad revenue tanks. A #buyanewspaper campaign was widely ridiculed as a mouthpiece for the rich/capitalism/Murdoch/Tories. Journalists will never be popular but the majority are decent professionals doing a vital job for democracy. Scandals exposed by the press form a long list of battle honours. Who are these faceless, nameless posters who enjoy power without responsibility to chase their own agenda or bring a hard-working mum-of-two close to tears just for fun? Don’t know what you can do with people like that, maybe stick them at the back of the vaccine queue.

… Went walking, v hot and sunny. I’m guessing cyclists with music blaring from their bikes must have excellent taste as they’re convinced everyone within 50 yards wants to hear. 

… Daughter Skyped but grandson was a blur, dashing about the garden, too busy to talk. 

… Had a beer outside. Glorious early silence of lockdown drowned by power tools.

… It’s now common to greet strangers, everything from ‘hello’ to ‘good morning/evening’. Even had one ‘aeh oop’.

… Received video of grandson reading his animals picture book, ‘dog… elephant… tiger… fish…’ He’s growing up so fast.

… At 8pm, stepped out to witness the weekly NHS clap. All the neighbours cheering, banging pans, ringing bells. Fireworks boomed in the distance.

Deathtoll: up 881 to 7,978 

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