Friday April03: Queued 20 minutes at Waitrose. Well spaced although the guy behind seemed to think he’d get in quicker if he edged closer to me.

It was fairly well stocked but crowded given the rationed entry. Many people so focussed on their shopping they were oblivious to those around them. Hard to maintain separation. When I came out the queue was twice the length. 

… Quite a few people about. Large number not distancing because they’re

Best bar none… historic local pub

mesmerised by their phones. Others are just too cool to step aside for anyone. I imagine Darwin’s theory will cull these first: ‘This preservation of favourable variations and the destruction of injurious variations I call Natural Selection or the Survival Of The Fittest.’ A bit like the Ark Fleet Ship B in Douglas Adams’s Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. Ship B was a way of removing the ‘useless idiots’ from the planet of Golgafrincham.

… Paused outside my favourite pub to reminisce. Founded in 1633, it has played host to the likes of writer and lexicographer Samuel Johnson and General Monck, who popped in for a swift one on his way to restore King Charles II to the throne. Now only their ghosts stand at the bar.

UK deathtoll up 684 to 3,605

Saturday April04: Worked on my recycling bin compression system. Crushing cans and cartons, using cardboard and a stick as a piston, keeping bottles till last to compress contents.

Wriggle room… grandson shimmies into home exercise

… Daughter Skyped. Grandson bughunting in the garden. Hope they’re not that short of food. Efforts to keep him exercised and occupied also include a daily Tumbletots TV workout. He wiggles along with great enthusiasm. 

… Walked, avoiding shops. We have supplies for 7+ days so no point going where people congregate. 

Today’s butcher’s bill: 708 including a child of 5 and 13 residents of a Glasgow care home, a new total of 4,313.

Sunday April05: Cloudless sky, warm. Intended a long walk but mooched, weary and restless. Watched TV. Managed to batter through some writing without much enthusiasm. Wasted day. 

… Watched the Queen’s coronavirus speech. Solid stuff. All buttons pressed – ‘We will meet again.’ Boris in hospital after 9 days in virus confinement at No11. 

UK deaths up 621 to 4,934

Monday April06: Up early after a semi-restless night to overcast and light drizzle. Classic Bond girl Honor Blackman has died at 94.

… Watched too much TV, then walked. It was hard work. Should have worked on my UK Crime Book Club spring short story but couldn’t summon the enthusiasm. Instead I rewrote Desiderata for the pandemic. Shared it on Facebook, then blogged it:

… Boris moved into intensive care with breathing problems. 

UK hospital deathtoll up 439 to 5,373