I’ve been slacking. Too often the siren lure of the TV remote has won out over the creative keyboard. In my defence, M’lud, it has been mainly due to circumstances beyond my control but that is no excuse. Writers write.

But the approaching spring has inspired new targets. Top of the list is my sixth Danny Lancaster crime novel.

I am torn between nine possible titles for the book, all of which work on some level. Until this is resolved, Danny6 is progressing under the working title FIDO.

I’m also tinkering with a cosy crime plot involving the lethal cocktail of revenge and shopping.

Wearing my journalist hat, I have written hundreds of travel articles and on each trip I kept a diary of descriptions and impressions not included in published reports. Stitched together, that’s more than 500,000 words.

I am planning to winnow out the “what I had for breakfast” bits from the observations and anecdotes and publish the good stuff.

Some of my older travel photos have been gathering digital dust on my hard drive so, as a taster, I’ve been posting a few on Instagram. Pop over and have a look at https://www.instagram.com/billtodd_writer/

I’m also working on another factual history, the dramatic war diary of a soldier who left his job as a English country estate worker and travelled to the Middle East and hand-to-hand combat near Jerusalem 100 years ago.

Then there are all the books I need to review, and I must bump my neglected blog up the propriety list.

If all this happens in 2017 no one will be more surprised than me but, hey, aim high. I’ll post regular updates. If I fail, give me a nudge.

So, enough displacemnent activity. Back to the QWERTY!

■ YESTERDAY, March 5, was the 65th anniversary of the air crash that killed 20-year-old Barbara Gubbins who was training to become one of the RAF’s first female pilots. I have told her truelife story in the ebook and paperback PIGTAIL PILOT. Take a look – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B019H916OI


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