I was wounded by an arrow on Sunday. Well, that’s a slight writerly exaggeration. I was squatting in an odd position trying to photograph a spray of vicious-looking arrows on the grass when I wrenched both knees, one of them pre-battered by old judo and running injuries.

Still, it was pretty much worth the pain to see the Medieval Siege Society sally forth with gun and sword. It’s a brave gunner who sports a full beard and risks a burning bush when his primer charge ignites. The ancient arms and armour were displayed with great energy and enthusiasm by members of the society with only one minor combat injury.

I did struggled to suppress a fit of the schoolboy giggles when someone walked past with a leaflet for the Richard III Society.

But all in all, a fun and educational afternoon although it did mean I missed Brighton’s Naked Bike Ride. Probably a good thing from a knee perspective.


■ MY recent reads have included the third Rina Walker thriller by Poirot’s Captain Hasting actor Hugh Fraser. Malice sees contract killer Rina in Swinging Sixties London working for a gangland crime boss threatened by a rival.
Now Maestra has bobbed to the top of my teetering TBR pile. LS Hilton’s erotic thriller is excellent but not what you’d call relaxing bedtime reading.
I seem to be drawn to strong women. Both Wanda Lovejoy and DI Pauline Myers are driving forces in my sixth Danny Lancaster crime thriller due out later this year.


■ MY writing is being aided by a great new piece of kit – my 7″ Nexus Android tab now talks to a fold-up Bluetooth keyboard. Go anywhere, write anything, fits in a pocket. I have no excuses!


■ I’VE been following the excellent @WarDiaryF82 which charts the Falklands War day by day to mark to the 35th anniversary. Amazing how much action and emotion you can pack into 140 characters.


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