People are always asking about Danny. His past has its shady parts but no one’s perfect. That said, Danny’s got nothing to hide, well not too much, so now there’s a brief biography on the website:
“Danny Lancaster was born in May, 1985, in the back of a Ford Sierra in Edmonton, North London, on the way to the hospital where his mother worked as a cleaner. It was a neighbour’s car and the driver fretted about his upholstery as he wove through the rush hour traffic. Danny’s father, a long-distance lorry driver…”
You can read the rest here:

WHILE Danny6 bubbles away on a low light I’ve been putting the finishing touches to PIGTAIL PILOT, the story of a woman who might have been the RAF’s first woman pilot if she had not died in a tragic air crash at the age of just 20. More details soon.

THOROUGHLY enjoyed The Final Minute by Simon Kernick. Ex-cop turned private investigator Tina Boyd goes out on a limb to help a hunted amnesiac. The rapid pace of the story is Kernick’s trademark – relentless.

GARGOYLE PIXIE DOG had a great review from the Army Rumour Service. Read the review here:

IT’S Black Friday and each of my five Danny Lancaster crime thrillers is still only 99p. The Wreck Of The Margherita, Death Squad, Rough Diamond, Rock Hard and Gargoyle Pixie Dog all have 5* reviews and are available as ebooks and paperbacks. That’s a lot of crime for 99p a time (Around $1.50 in the US). Grab them here:

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